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The Founders

Scott and Sandy Nelles founded Mod Society Facial in 2017. Scott was in the UX Research and software sales and worked for Fortune 500 companies. Mod Society began to sky rocketed after the first year so Sandy and Scott decided it was the right call to have Scott onboard full time.

Esthetics Trainers

Brandon has been with Mod Society since the beginning and actively performs facials on a daily basis. He is the National Esthetics Trainer for Mod Society Facials. Once you sign up for your Mod Society Franchise, Brandon will be scheduling time to train your staff on why he is one of Mod's most booked Estheticians. He has a fun and playful nature and is very passionate about skin care. You will love Brandon's energy. 

Esthetics Trainers

Nisi was one of Mod's very first employees. She has been a Lead Esthetician and is the most booked Esthetician with Mod. Depending on where you open your store, Nisi or Brandon will be your trainer. Nisi has a very calm and confidence about herself. She is very passionate about the skin care industry. 

Software & Customer Experience Trainer


Aliscia has been with Mod since 2018. She has worked in all facets of Mod. From an Esthetician, Trainer, Social Media and Spa Director. She is very skilled in our booking system Meevo. Once you are signed on as a franchisee, you will be spending a lot of time with Aliscia to learn about the day to day operations and the Meevo booking system. Aliscia is very patient and nurturing. You will love her calm presence. 

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